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fior di loto

05   /   09   /   2015

It is an intervention designed in 2015 and realized in 2016. It consists of 4 semi-detached houses developed on 3 levels: on the ground floor the living area; on the first floor the sleeping area; at the last level a multifunctional room, the technical room and a large solarium that extends on the three free sides.

- Energy class A4
- Heating and cooling with air / water heat pump
- Mechanical ventilation controlled with dehumidification (VMC)
- Photovoltaic system
- Dry floor heating and cooling
- GL24 laminated wood platform frame support structure

The building has a platform frame bearing structure made of GL24 laminated wood and OSB3 panels.

The external coating consists of a coat in Celenit 50 mm thick, an armed and plastered shave.

All interior walls and counter-walls are prefabricated and made up of a KVH wooden structure and Fermacell panels.

Basement Garage Plant


Ground Floor Plan


First Floor Plan


Attic Floor Plan

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