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your dream home

Christian Guerretta Architects & Engineers designs and builds your dream home.


Thanks to a long experience, study and research, Christian Guerretta Architects & Engineers has succeeded in creating a system to best realize your dream house in green building, giving you a product with a contemporary design, with a unique and cutting-edge technology that allows you to have the best living comfort (thermal and acoustic) with the utmost respect for the environment both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor because inside our buildings the air is constantly reciprocated and clean, without thermal dispersion, thanks to a heat exchanger that holds 95% of the temperature and the relative humidity remains constantly at 55 °, the optimal condition for the Human Body.


Outdoor, because the design of the rooms, the insulating package used and the energy deriving from renewable sources (solar and geothermal) allows the buildings built by Christian Guerretta Architects & Engineers to consume very little energy. This translates into minimal CO2 input. Moreover, Christian Guerretta Architects & Engineers fully embraces the philosophy of eco-sustainability, therefore the materials used are totally natural and completely recyclable.

Christian Guerretta Architects & Engineers realizes your house in green building with any construction technology, which can be a frame (Plate Floor Frame), with wood panels (X-Lam) or for the most conservative masonry.


Christian Guerretta Architects & Engineers is able to give you this service by using the best products on the market that follow the philosophy of Green Building and making use of the best companies operating nationally and internationally, which must perform the works indicated in the executive project created by Christian Guerretta Architects & Engineers.

In fact, in addition to the architectural project, Christian Guerretta Architects & Engineers carries out the executive project, ie the engineering design of all the elements that go to make up the building in compliance with the architectural design. This project guarantees maximum resistance to both vertical loads and horizontal forces (wind, earthquake, etc.). The noise reduction and thermal insulation based on the materials chosen is also calculated.

Another fundamental service that Christian Guerretta Architects & Engineers performs is the design of the systems, which consists of the analysis and preparation of all the systems (electrical, water and thermal).

By integrating the three design phases (architectural, executive and plant engineering) Christian Guerretta Architects & Engineers creates an instruction, use and maintenance manual, which shows the sequence of building construction procedures, such as the LEGO building assembly book. In addition to indicating the phases of construction, the use and maintenance booklet indicates where and how the systems are installed, in order to be able to perform any interventions or to carry out routine maintenance.

With the system designed by Christian Guerretta Architects & Engineers, the building should no longer be considered as a handmade product but rather as a true industrial product. This involves a high level of control of the materials and a reduction of imperfections due to craftsmanship.

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Architectural Design
Executive Planning
Plant Design


The sections of walls, floor and roof  are assembled in factory.

Thanks to the plans made during the design phase, the level of prefabrication is high. Preparation is already made for the installation of the electrical and hydraulic systems, as well as any additional elements included in the design.
The prefabrication allows us to create a product that is free of imperfections and extremely efficient, carefully inspected in every detail before being delivered.



The elements of the building that are prefabricated and inspected in the factory are shipped and assembled at the construction site, where the reinforced concrete foundations have already been completed. The installation, carried out by our specialized teams, is very simple and minimally invasive (without greatly intrusive noise) leaving the construction site clean and safe.

After the assembly stage, which lasts about a month for a medium-sized house (about 100 mq.), we move on to the finishing stage. The fixtures are installed, the floors laid inside and out, toilets and sinks mounted, etc. 


All these phases are monitored by our experts to ensure that the product maintains all the characteristics defined in the design phase. 

Any possibility of acoustic problems or malfunctioning climate controls are eliminated before the structure is completed.  

assembly phases

DSC_0552 (2).JPG
  • Foundation preparation in CLA with all sub-services

DSC_0309 (2).JPG
  • Mounting phase of the wall

  • Installing plants

Fior di loto_004.jpg
  • Indoor finishes floors bathrooms, stairs, doors

DSC_0384 (2).JPG
  • Delivery on site of prefabricated elements

  • Mounting walls after one working day

  • Installing dry radiant panel for heating/cooling

  • Installing heat pump, photovoltaic, VMC

DSC_0367 (2).JPG
  • Unloading of the elements on site

  • The completed rough construction

  • Installing wooden doors and windows

  • Outdoor finishes

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